Previous Events

Where's My Pelvic
Where’s My Pelvic Floor?!

The Pelvic Floor Masterclasses on Sept 8th, Sept 17th and Sept 25th were great successes with all venues filled will enthusiastic support for the Deirdre Holland Recovery Fund. The half hour long presentation was followed by a half hour of pelvic floor exercise with description of how exactly to do your pelvic floor exercises and as the title of the talks went, to find out "Where's My Pelvic Floor"!

We had fun afterwards with questions and answers and participants could look at pelvic floor products supplied by sponsors EVB Sports Shorts, In Tone pelvic floor stimulators by SRA Medical, pelvic floor multipath stimulator by Neurotech Vital and Women's Health products by Physioneeds. A glass of wine was in some cases welcomed as we relaxed in the company of friends talking about the pelvic floor and much more. Most importantly, Deirdre and her family were delighted and most grateful to everyone for their participation and generosity and with the funds that the classes raised.

Foxrock Golf Classic
Foxrock Golf Club

A golf tournament was held in Foxrock Golf Club in our continuing efforts to raise funds for Deirdre's journey towards recovery and an independent life. There was a morning session of 16 teams with a shot gun start at 9.30am. After the morning golf there was soup and sandwiches for all involved.

A second session of 16 teams kickstarted at 2.30pm with Dinner that evening at 8pm. There was also a raffle and an auction run with some exciting prizes won. It proved to be a very enjoyable event.

Lunch Fund Raiser

The "Friends of Deirdre Holland Lunch" kicked off on Friday 16th May at 12.45 in The National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire.

Clio Mitchell & Joan Morgan organised around 120 women who know Deirdre either through Nortre Dame School, her daughters' school, work colleagues and of course family to attend this special event. The Yacht club provided a gorgeous menu for lunch and each of the courses were interspersed with firstly a moving account of Deirdre's harrowing journey to date from her daughter Gina, secondly a lively raffle, where practically everyone there went home with a goodie bag! and finally an auction, expertly overseen by Bobby Kerr (Dragon's Den & Insomnia).

It was a fantastic day with many old friends meeting up and the celebrations going on long after lunch. Thanks to everyone's unbelievable generosity an outstanding contribution of €10,000 has been made to the Deirdre Holland recovery fund which will enable Deirdre to cover the ongoing costs of her recovery.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored prizes and gave of their time so generously and of course thanks to all who attended for your unbelievable support.

The first event organised for Deirdre was a night out in "The Lost Society" in Dublin city centre on the 24th of May.


This event was organised by Deirdre's teenage daughters and their good friend Lauren. It was a club night out for their age group and the venue was graciously donated by the owners of "The Lost Society".

The girls printed tickets and managed a network of ticket sellers for different groups. All the tickets were sold, and extra places had to be added.

The night was a great success with over 200 attending and great fun for all into the bargain.

We'll done kids..... you got the ball rolling!