Meningitis Awareness

World Meningitis Day was on April 24th 2014

There are several strains or 'groups' of meningococcal bacteria that cause disease (the five most common are A,B,C,W135 and Y). In the past 50 years, most meningococcal disease in the UK and Ireland has been due to MenB and MenC. MenC disease has been successfully reduced due to routine vaccination and we hope to see a substantial reduction in group B disease if the new menB vaccine is introduced to the routine schedule.

Group Y has historically been a relatively uncommon cause of meningococcal disease all though there has been a small rise in incidence over the past few years. MenY disease tends to affect adults more than children, although there is uncertainty surrounding why this is the case. Group Y disease tends to be more prevalent outside of Europe and an increase in incidence in America has resulted in citizens being routinely vaccinated with the quadrivalent vaccine A,C,W,Y

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Know The Symptoms

The following symptoms pictorial charts/cards from the Meningitis Research Foundation differentiate between meningitis and septicaemia symptoms